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Braai in style

Kolverath to Saarbruken

sunny 21 °C
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A nice sunny morning and we went for a short walk before heading off from Kolverath to Saarbruken to visit Mieke, Stef's "Mother in Law" ?.


On the way we stopped in at the town of Cochem which has a very nice castle called the .Reichsburg Cochem which was, of course, at the top of a steep hill that needed to be walked up. Kochem is situated on the Mosel river which leads into the Rhine. The river was busy with large cruise barges.


From here we drove down to Saarbruken where we enjoyed an awesome "braai.....electric grill style" with Meike. Ever the perfect hostess she had secured wors, steak and chicken wings. Due to my previous comments regarding Mieke's Cajun cooking skills, Meike insisted that I do the cooking and as of now I've had no complaints of subtle disease.


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Motor racing

Nuremburg Ring

semi-overcast 18 °C
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So nice to sleep in a proper bed for a change, and to sleep late and sit at the table for a good breakfast was a real treat.

The morning entailed a cycle into the forest with Alex before setting out for the Nuremburg Ring, the nearby race track to watch amateur motor racing. On the way we stopped for lunch at a restaurant for curry wurst and chips.


The racing was very interesting. The race is a six hour event into which anyone with a racing license may enter. The guys that enter are essentially hobbyists doing a very expensive hobby. The cars they drive are a variety of different "souped up" models that include Porche, BMW, Mercs, Renaults, VW and even a Ferrari and a Lamborghini. It's awesome to see the speed that these cars achieve.


Afterwards we headed back to Kolverath for supper and sleep.


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Visiting my favorite niece

Brugge to Kolverath

sunny 20 °C
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We awoke to a reasonably sunny day and after booking out of the campsite we cycled into Brugge.

Brugge is a very pretty town with a lot of old buildings tucked inside the origional city walls. There are canals and very attractive gardens.


After our early morning site seeing session we set off to visit my favourite niece, Saskia and her two men, big Alex and little Luke. They had taken the wekend off and driven up from Amsterdam to Kolverath in Germany where Alex's parents have a holiday home.


On arrival we took a short walk into the forest and climbed a viewing tower before heading back for a supper of English curry pies.

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Back on the road

Reading to Brugge

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After a good breakfast Rufus took us all for a walk. Rufus was disgusted at our unhealthy lifestyles and felt that a walk was in order.

After the walk we thanked our generous hosts and set of for Dover to catch the ferry back to Calais. An awesome few days. Thanks so much Ian and Tiny. Look forward to getting together again soon.


Whilst on the ferry we took the opportunity to convert the last of our British coins into something of worth. Chips and sweets.


The ferry was quite empty and on arrival in Calais we got onto the other side of the road and headed off, direction Germany, en route to Kolverath, to visit my favourite niece Saskia who is on holiday there. After spending some time looking for a spot to "Wild Camp" we finally gave up and booked into a very full campsite in a town called Brugge in Belgium, also known as "Venice of the North".

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Of old towns and civilization


sunny 20 °C
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Another warmish day saw us setting off with Ian and Tiny to Oxford. Ian's children had been to University at Oxford so our guides were pretty professional and they gave us a guided tour of the town.


Oxford is steeped in history and full of old pubs. We stopped for a drink at a pub called "The Eagle and Child" which is famous as a venue where authors such as Tolkien and C.S. Lewis used to meet and drink whilst discussing their respective novels. This is also the oldest pub in Oxford, having been founded in 1650.


From there we went to another pub called "The Bear" which specialises in cutting off peoples ties and hanging them on the wall. Plenty of ties there.


Then on to a Tapas restaurant where we had Tapas and drinks. Tapas are a Spanish thing whereby one has several small dishes together with bread. Very tasty.


By this time we were pretty full of food and drink so we headed back to Reading. On the way we stopped in at Pangbourne to buy some meat pies for supper.

Meat pies and wine for supper and we all collapsed exhausted into bed.

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